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Multiply your Marketing!

If you have a fleet with your company identification on the sides of your vehicles, chances are you know of the value of "Moving Billboard Advertising".

The problem is, how many see your information, and have no way of remembering it?

So, go to the next level...

Make it very easy for your customers and prosects to contact you!

Put your business cards on your vehicles as well!

Our unique Business Card Caddie will hold these business cards on your vehicle 24 hours a day!

How many Card Caddies should I get per vehicle?
It depends on how easy and accessible you wish to make your information.

We recommend 3 (Three) per vehicle.

Why?  Because, no matter what side of the vehicle your prospect passes, they will always be able to see your Card Caddie and get your information.

Think about it...if you only have the Card Caddie on one side of the vehicle, and your propsect is on another side, they won't know that you conveniently placed your business information for their convenience.

However, if you decide to only purchase:

1 Card Caddie: Put it on the Rear of your vehicle

2 Card Caddies: Put them on the left and the right sides of the vehicle.

Small Quantities are available on this website.

If you wish to purchase more than 12 units, please contact Marcus directly at 941-955-4500, or: Marcus(at)


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