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 Testimonials And Ideas

Effortlessly Promote Your Business!

"You will be amazed at how effectively and efficiently this product provides yet another outlet to getting one's message out."
- Sign Builder Magazine

"The Card Caddie is perhaps the most effective mobile way to advertise your business."
- Signs Of The Times Magazine






Card Caddie on Frig

"I put a picture of my niece and nephew in my Card Caddie and put it on my refrigerator with all of the business cards that I use often:  My Plumber, RealEstate Agent, Heater Repair Guy, Pizza Guy, and Phone Number cards."

Michelle Fram

Card Caddie Bus

" Great Product! We now offer the Card Caddie to all of our clients."

Rob Voegele

Card Caddie Heater Guys Trailer

"I just wanted to tell you again how much we love this product.  It really works!  I count the cards, and not a day goes by that I am replacing them. Thank you!"

Mark B
Those Heater Guys

Card Caddie Pampered Pet

"Thank you for my Card Caddie!  It has helped me promote my business without effort.  It's great to have my business cards on the side of my van, because when I am approached by potential clients, I do not have to stop to attend to them, or hand them one of my cards.  All I tell them to do is to take one of my cards and to call me later. I love it!"

Liz E
The Pampered Pet Mobile

Card Caddie Plumbing Fleet

"Our experience with Card Caddie has been wonderful. The Card Caddie has been a great asset and promoter of our company.

Business cards are an essential part of our business, and with Card Caddie we get more business.

It has been a great investment and totally worth the money. I would strongly recommend the investment to anyone without question.  It would be a total loss not to do so."

Southwest Plumbing

Card Caddie Sand and Sea Toys

"Great Design!  Wind does not empty the cards out.  I got access to 100's of potential customers.  It looks great and lasts. I bought one for all of my trucks, trailers and haulers.   I highly recommend it."

Michael V
Sand and Sea Toys



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